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All feeds and posts that are seen below are the works that I have helped create. I do not own the rights to any pictures, posts, quotes, or logos. These posts are simply to present work done for clients. 

Columbus Orthopaedic

Columbus Orthopaedic has a very strong brand identity, which makes it very simple to create content. This practice is loved by many in the area, so engagement (when the correct post is made) is high, especially when featuring a doctor or staff member!

This company is very informative when it comes to safe practices, busting myths, and helping raise awareness to safe practices.


Kickin' Crab Meridian

Kickin’ Crab is part of a local food chain. This restaurant’s opening was long awaited by members of the community (especially with the teasers that were made on the Facebook page)! They also have a brand that is easy to use for consistency’s sake, and the fact that the food is good makes for good engagement from loyal customers!

My favorite way to get interaction on Facebook is through posts like the top left picture – ASKING people to interact in a subtle way.

Columbus-Lowndes Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is slowly making a move away from its former dark blue and dark green colors and have created a brighter color scheme. The pictures that normally take up this feed revolve around the ReStore, instead of housing because COVID-19 has slowed progress on the building of houses in the area.

This is such a fun company to work for as they constantly take new pictures, bring in new items, and have a loyal customer base!